Antler honey

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- It has a tonic and stimulating effect on the central nervous system;
- Helps with overwork, general weakness, poor appetite;
- Improves heart function, with hypotension increases blood pressure;
- Restores sexual function in men and facilitates the general condition in the menopause in women.
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- Stimulates the body's immune system;
- Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nerve trunks, heart muscle, bone tissue (contributes to the healing of bone fractures);
- Beneficial effect on the liver, stimulating its regeneration in case of toxic and traumatic injuries;
- Promotes healing of skin, stomach and trophic ulcers of various origins.
Product SKU:
- It has high efficacy in all forms of sexual impotence;
- Activates the defenses of the body and the immune system;
- Normalizes sleep, activates muscle growth and development, improves performance;
- It neutralizes the effect of alcohol on the body, helping to eliminate toxins.
Product SKU:
- It has a pronounced antibacterial, hepatoprotective, antitumor activity;
- Prevents diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract (colitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer), urogenital system in men and women;
- Accelerates bone splicing during fractures;
- Prevents metastasis of tissue cells;
- Normalizes the thyroid gland.

Antler honey is a unique, originally Altai product. Antler honey is crushed antlers of Altai deer infused with freshly harvested Altai mountain honey. Honey, being an excellent adsorbent, absorbs all the power of the freshly sawn horn of the Altai deer and preserves it as a natural preservative. The strength of the healing properties of the two strongest components is combined in one product! Everything is natural and natural.

Antler honey is little known in Russia, but in Altai it is an expensive and rare product. The bulk of the production of antler honey with additives goes to Korea. And only recently, Russia has learned about one of the Altai treasures - antler honey.

The antler honey AltaVed is:
- Altai mountain honey;
- peeled mummy;
- stone oil;
- red root and chaga;
- maral root;
- Dihydroquercytin;

... and not a single chemical or artificial ingredient!