Dihydroquercetin - The Perfect Antioxidant

Dihydroquercetin - The Perfect Antioxidant

DiHydroQuercetin - extracted from Siberian larch. Those. 100% natural product! About it, proven SCIENTIFIC-pharmacological properties - below.

Pharmacological action - antioxidant, capillary-protective, stimulating regeneration, detoxification, decongestant.

- inhibits the processes of lipid peroxidation of cell membranes

- prevents the damaging effect of free radicals

- inhibits premature cell aging and the development of various diseases

- prevents the destruction of cell membranes

- has a capillaroprotective effect

- strengthens the walls of blood vessels (including capillaries), improves microcirculation

- normalizes cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

- prevents the development of atherosclerosis

- reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

- improves coronary blood flow, myocardial contractility, reduces the area of ​​infection of the heart muscle

- contributes to the normalization of excitability and conductivity

- high physiological efficacy in rheumatism, septic endocarditis, vegetovascular dystonia

- inhibits the development of dystrophic and sclerotic processes in the eyes, increases visual acuity

- inhibits inflammatory processes, has a decongestant effect

- favorably affects the skin, normalizes the synthesis of collagen / elastin in the skin (eliminates acne and pustular rash, helps to maintain elasticity of the skin)

- with prolonged use, it prevents exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases and the occurrence of acute respiratory viral infections

- helps maintain the functions of the immune system

- has an antitoxic effect

- Has gastroprotective activity: stimulates the regeneration of the gastric mucosa

- prevents the development and / or promotes the healing of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers

- has a hepatoprotective (antitoxic) effect

- possesses radioprotective activity - reduces the adverse effects on the body of chemo- and radiotherapy

It is difficult to add something to the above ... This product was highlighted here in Siberia. And it was a sin not to use SUCH a gift of Siberian nature!

Friday, 15 June 2018