Herbal tea with deer antlers and deer root

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It is used as a stimulating and anti-inflammatory agent for inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis, adenoma, urethritis, impotence), female diseases (menopause syndrome), chronic alcoholism, and hypotension, increases blood pressure, with overwork, general weakness and poor appetite.

Ingredients: maral antler, maral root, incense leaf, raspberry leaf, currant leaf, chamomile flowers, vitamin C.

Antlers of deer are used as a stimulant for mental and physical fatigue, asthenic conditions, neurasthenia, neurosis, sexoneurosis, sexual weakness, menopause, arterial hypotension, gastric ulcer, anemia, for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, overtraining conditions.

The maral root (safrole-like leuzea) has a tonic and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and helps with overwork, general weakness, and poor appetite. It also improves the functioning of the heart, with hypotension it raises blood pressure and improves the general condition of patients in the menopause. It also restores sexual function in men. Clinical trials revealed a high effect of leuzea with impotence, depression, hypotension, and chronic alcoholism. The antidiabetic properties of leuzea are proven. Leuzea accelerates the healing of wounds, fractures, increases physical and mental performance.

Tea made from badan leaves is used to prevent diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, improve metabolism and as a tasty tonic drink.

Raspberry is used for respiratory diseases, coughing, fever, indigestion, enterocolitis, and stomach bleeding.

Currant has a vitaminizing and stimulating effect on the body.

Chamomile reduces allergic reactions, normalizes the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, providing a moderate antispasmodic effect.

Vitamin C protects the body from infections, strengthens the immune system, lengthens life expectancy.

How to use: 1-2 teaspoons pour 1 cup (200 ml) boiling water, insist 10 - 20 minutes.

Contraindications: pregnancy, age up to 14 years. Long-term use of Leuzea drugs can cause a persistent increase in blood pressure, a slowdown in rhythm and an increase in the amplitude of heart contractions.

Release form: package (100 g).

STO 92203544-003-2011

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